My Call Into the Cell Tower Battle

Metaphorically speaking, I was "dragged into" the realm of Cell Tower battles by a pair of gentle grey-haired grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Hoy, who were concerned about the safety of their granddaughter.

Mr. & Mrs. Hoy advised me that their granddaughter was soon to enter an elementary school in Bayville, New York, a Village which had allowed the installation of more than 50 cell antennas atop a water tower just 50 feet from its only elementary school.

They further explained that, after the antennas went up, as many as 30% of the staff at the school had contracted cancer or other illnesses, that five children had developed leukemia, and three of them had died.

Under the circumstances, I saw no choice but to try to help them. By speaking with others who lived in the Village, I learned that the property at issue had been donated to the Village in 1950, subject to a restriction that the property not be used for "commercial enterprises." The position of the Village, and its attorneys, was that enforcement of that restrictive covenant was pre-empted by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

I filed a federal lawsuit against five of the largest wireless companies in the world, seeking a federal court order, requiring them to remove all of the antennas. The case remains pending in the United States District Court, in the Eastern District of New York.

After a New York City television station ran a story about the case, I began receiving communications from around the world, concerning cancer clusters around Cell Towers.

Almost immediately, I learned about a similar case in Australia, where a Cell Tower was installed only 90 feet from a school. Within 7 years of its installation, 50% of the school staff had become ill, 25% with cancer, and 25% with other illnesses.

As I looked further, I learned that cancer clusters around Cell Towers have been documented all over the world, and that, as a result, countries (other than the United States) began banning Cell Towers near schools, and in some cases, physically tearing them down after they had already been built.

I also received a telephone call from a research scientist at Princeton University.

That scientist advised me that the FCC had adopted standards for what types and levels of RF radiation it deemed "safe" for public exposure.

The scientist at Princeton advised me that the standards approved by the FCC were based upon studies which were tainted, because they had been influenced by the wireless industry.

He provided me with numerous expert reports which, in my mind, clearly establish that the RF radiation levels deemed "safe" by the FCC are not safe, but can, and do, cause cancer and other illnesses.

Researching further, I learned that not only are there hundreds of credible studies which clearly document the potential adverse health impacts of RF emissions and EMFs, but that the most common thread between them, is that virtually all experts agree that the segment of the human population most susceptible to such potential adverse health impacts, are children.

Under the circumstances, and knowing that many Countries, other than the United States, had implemented regulations and measures to protect their children from RF radiation, I reseached what, if anything, the FCC has done to protect American children.

What I learned was, rather than using its power to protect our children from the RF emissions from Cell Towers, the FCC has been employing its authority to empower the wireless industry to install as many Cell Towers and Cell Antennas, as fast as possible, anywhere they want, including atop schools.
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Moreover, reading public statements from the FCC's commissioners, one would be lead to think that they were payroll employees of the wireless industry, as opposed to having their salaries paid by U.S. taxpayers.

As such, it came as no surprise when I learned that, from 1997 through 2005 alone, 8 of the largest telecom companies expended over $400 million in political contributions and lobbying expenses, in Washington.

The fact remains, I am neither a scientist nor a doctor. I am just a lawyer. Standing alone, neither I nor my law firm can force the U.S. Government to afford our children the same protections other Countries around the world have implemented for their children. But, I can employ my skills, ability and knowledge, to battle Cell Tower applications on a case-by-case basis, for those who enlist my firm's services as their attorneys.

I can also share some of the information I have gathered, to make the public aware of same, which is the reason that I have incorporated so much of it into this website.

All others can choose for themselves what efforts, if any, they may choose to undertake, to force Congress and the FCC to enact and enforce measures which might afford our children the same protections afforded to children in other countries.

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