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Expert studies from around the world, regarding the adverse health impacts of RF emissions, including those from Cell Towers:

There is a wealth of data and studies which evidence the adverse health impacts of prolonged exposure to RF emissions, such as those which emanate from Cell Towers. One recurring conclusion reached by the scientists who have conducted such studies, is that there is a causal link between RF emissions and cancer, and more specifically, leukemia in children. 

In a 2004 German study entitled "The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer," the authors provided a summary of several previous, and well known studies, as follows:

"A series of studies available before this investigation provided strong evidence of health risks and increased cancer risks associated with physical proximity to radio transmission masts.
. . . In many studies an increased risk of developing leukemia has been found; in children living near transmitter antennas for Radio and Television in Hawaii; increased cancer cases and general mortality in the area of Radio and Television transmitters in Australia; and in England, 9 times more leukemia cases were diagnosed in people who live in a nearby area to transmitter antennas. In a second study, concentrating on 20 transmitters in England, a significant increase in Leukemia was found. The Cherry Study indicates an association between an increase in cancer and living in proximity to a transmitter station. According to a study of the transmitter station of Radio Vatican, there were 2.2 times more leukemia cases in children within a radius of 6km, and adult mortality from leukemia also increased."

  • The German Study of 2004 - "The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer."

    Ten year study conducted from 1994-2004, revealed that living within 400 meters of a Cell Tower increased the risk of developing cancer by three hundred percent (300%).

    Authors: Horst Eger, Klaus Uwe Hagen, Birgitt Lucas, Peter Vogel, Helmut Voit
  • The Israeli Study of 2004 - "Increased Incidence of Cancer Near a Cell-Phone Transmitter Station (a Cell Tower)"

    Study indicated an association between increased incidence of cancer and living in proximity to a Cell Tower. Those living near a Cell Tower are 4.15 times more likely to develop cancer.

    Authors: Ronni Wolf MD, Danny Wolf MD

In addition to the German and Israeli sudies of 2004, there are literally hundreds of studies and reports which evidence the adverse health impacts of RF emissions and EMFs. The following is a sampling of various reports, expert studies, abstracts, and short videos of expert presentations.

  • "Health Effects from Cell Phone Tower Radiation"

    An excellent introduction, in plain english, to

    (1) the well-established health risks associated with Cell Towers,
    (2) how the wireless industry has manipulated the U.S. government into stripping citizen's rights to challenge the installation of Cell Towers based upon health concerns, and
    (3) how, to the delight of the wireless industry, the FCC has deemed "safe" levels of RF emissions to be 5,000 times higher than the levels deemed safe by other countries.

    By Karen J. Rodgers  [Read Report]
  • The United States Study 2010 - "Biological Effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays"

    "It makes little sense to keep denying health symptoms that are being reported in good faith. Many biological effects have been documented at very low intensities comparable to what the population experiences within 200 to 500 ft of a cell tower."

    "Effects reported include: genetic, growth, and reproductive; increases in permeability of the blood–brain barrier; behavioral; molecular, cellular, and metabolic; and increases in cancer risk."

    B. Blake Levitt, Henry Lai - Dept of Bioengineering, University of Washington  [Read Study]

With the wireless industry having spent over $400 million in political contributions and lobbying in Washington, it comes as no surprise that the U.S. has done little, if anything, to research the potential adverse health impacts of RF emissions. As a result, all emerging information regarding the adverse health impacts of RF emissions is being generated through expert studies being conducted in countries other than the U.S.:

  • The Poland Military Study 1996 - "Cancer morbidity in subjects occupationally exposed to high frequency (radiofrequency and microwave) electromagnetic radiation." 

    The Military Center for Radiation Safety studied the cancer death rates for all career military personnel (approx 128,000 persons each year), for the 14 year period of 1971-1985. The study revealed that persons occupationally exposed to RF emissions were nearly twice as likely to develop brain tumors, 13.9 times more likely to develop chronic myeocylic leukemia, 8.62 times more likely to develop acute myeoblastic leukemia and 5.82 times more likely to develop non-hodgkin lymphomas.

    Department of Biological Effect of Non-Ionizing Radiations, Center for Radiobiology and Radiation Safety at the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Warsaw, Poland
  • The Australia Study 1996 - Cancer inidence and mortality and proximity to RF emissions from TV Towers

    18 year study of residents of 9 municipalities, from 1972-1990, revealed increased rates of childhood leukemia and death for children subjected to RF emissions from TV antennas.

    Bruce Hocking, Ian Gordon, Heather L. Grain and Gifford E. Hatfield
  • The Australia Study 2003 - "Decreased Rate of Survival for Childhood Leukemia in Proximity to Television Towers"

    Study reflected that the survival rates of children with leukemia increasingly dropped, the closer they lived to an RF emitting TV antenna.

    Bruce Hocking, Ian Gordon - Archives of Environmental Health, September 2003

Based upon the results of expert studies worldwide, other countries have determined that the maximum safe limits for RF radiation is as much as 5,000 times lower than the level permitted by the FCC.

  • Report of Canadian Board of Health - Outcome of The International Conference of Cell Tower Siting, Linking Science and Health

    After meeting with 300 public health officals from around the world to discuss the potential adverse impacts of RF emissions from Cell Towers, the Canadian Medical Officer of Health issued a report recommending that Canada reduce the permissible limit for Cell Tower RF emissions to 0.001 w/m2 - a level 5,800 times lower than what the FCC permits in the United States.  [Read Report]
  • The Belgium Study 2008 "Genetic Damage in Subjects Exposed to Radiofrequency Radiation"

    Highly technical examination of 16 expert cytogenic monitoring studies performed around the world. Confirmed that 13 of the 16 independent studies performed worldwide evidence that RF exposed individuals suffered genetic damage. "A significant increase in chromosome breaks. . . was reported in all individuals."

    Luc Verschaeve - Scientific Institute of Public Health, Brussels, Belgium
  • The India Study 2009 - "Biological Effects of Cell Tower Radiation on the Human Body"

    from Cell Towers has been associated with an increase of brain tumors due to damage in the blood-brain barrier. Where Cell Antennas are mounted on rooftops, the distance to the top floor is short so the radiation levels in the top 2 floors remains very high.

    Neha Kumar, Prof. Girish Kumar - Electrical Engineering Department, ITT Bombay
  • News Report - July 9, 2010 - 8 out of 10 Studies Found Cancer Risk From Cell Tower Proximity
    [Read Report]

Below is a series of highly informative short videos which address five aspects of Cell Phone Tower Radiation. Parts 2 and 3 are particularly informative.

  • Cell Phone Tower Radiation Pollution Part 1  [Watch Video - 10:43]

    Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was written by lobbyists for the telecom industry, to strip homeowners and local zoning commissions of the ability to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

    Blake Levitt
  • Cell Phone Tower Radiation Pollution Part 2  [Watch Video - 9:19]

    How the FCC is Not Protecting School Children from the Constant Bombardment of RF Emissions from Cell Towers.

    Whitney Seymour Jr.
  • Cell Phone Tower Radiation Pollution Part 3  [Watch Video - 10:45]

    How the RF Emission Safety Standards in the U.S. are "Unrelated" to the Actual Dangers of RF Emissions, Especially With Regard to Causing Leukemia in Children

    Martin Blank, PhD, Columbia University
  • Cell Phone Tower Radiation Pollution Part 4  [Watch Video - 6:14]

    How Countries, other than the United States, have deemed the Maximum Safe RF Emissions to be 100 times lower than the standard adopted by the FCC.

    Deb Carney
  • Cell Phone Tower Radiation Pollution Part 5  [Watch Video - 2:32]

    The Impacts of Cell Towers on Wildlife

    Albert Manville, PhD, Senior Wildlife Biologist

It must be noted that the expert studies described herein are nothing more than a sampling of the evidence compiled by experts around the world. For a more comprehensive listing, or to learn about specific illnesses caused by RF emissions or EMFs, See the Marin Project below, which contains a list of 600 specific studies

  • The French Study 2002 - "Study of the health of people living in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations" (Cell Towers)

    Study examined adverse health impacts of people living in close proximity to Cell Towers and any disparity of such impact on females as compared to males. Based upon adverse effects reported, conclusion was that Cell Towers should not be constructed less than 300 meters from populations.

    R. Santini, P. Santini, J.M. Danze, P. Le Ruz, M. Seige - Institute national des sciences appliquees - laboratoire de biochimie-pharmacologie
  • The California Study 2002 - "Executive Study of The California EMF Risk Evaluation for Policymakers and The Public"

    Three scientists who work for the California Department of Health Services were directed to study whether EMFs were associated with health problems. The three scientists unanimously concluded that the likelihood of a causal relationship between EMFs and childhood leukemia is ninety five percent (95%).
  • The Swedish Study 2007 - "Cognitive Impairment in Rats After Long Term Exposure to GSM-900 Mobile Phone Radiation"

    Five scientists from the Rausing Laboratory and University Hospital conducted a study within which they determined that rats exposed to RF emissions for 55 weeks suffered "impaired memory functions."

    Henrietta Nittby, Gustav Grafstrom, Dong Ping Tian, Lars Malmgren, Arne Brun, Bertil R.R. Persson, Leif G. Salford, Jacob Eberhardt
  • The Marin Project  [List of Studies]

    The Marin Project lists six hundred (600) studies which link low level RF/MW radiation and EMFs with cancer and other adverse health impacts.

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