Andrew J. Campanelli - Principal

Since beginning his legal career as a litigator in 1992, Mr. Campanelli has handled over 3,000 civil cases, and he has litigated over 1,000 cases to conclusion. 

In addition to prosecuting qui tam1 actions in federal courts across the Country, Mr. Campanelli offers experienced representation to property owners, civic associations and local governments who seek to invoke their civil rights to oppose respective applications for the installation of cell towers and cell antennas, or who seek the removal of antennas which have already been installed.

Mr. Campanelli offers a full range of services throughout each stage of the tower installation process undertaken by wireless companies, from site acquisition, through zoning applications and, if necessary, both federal and state litigation.

His services include, but are not limited to: 

  • (a) individual case investigations to determine whether there are legal and/or factual grounds to deny an application for the installation of a Cell Tower or Cell Antennas, or to remove antennas which have already been built,
  • (b) formal presentations before local zoning boards to oppose zoning approvals,
  • (c) prosecuting or defending federal or state litigation to prevent the installation of antennas, secure the removal of installed antennas, or defend a local government which has been sued as a result of having denied an application for installation of one or more cell antennas or towers,
  • (d) assisting local governments in the drafting of zoning ordinances governing the installation of Cell Towers, and
  • (e) advocating on behalf of citizens and civic associations, that their local government adopt such ordinances.

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