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Both Congress and the FCC have employed their powers to serve the wireless industry to an extent unparalled in American history.

As of 2011, the FCC, whose job is to protect the public, is instead employing all powers at its disposal, to assist the wireless industry in constructing as many Cell Towers and Cell Antennas as possible, as fast as possible, anywhere they choose, including atop public schools, free of virtually any government oversight or regulation.

To some, this is not the least surprising, considering the fact that between 1997 and 2005 alone, just eight of the country’s most powerful media and telecommunications companies, their corporate parents, and three of their trade groups, spent more than $400 million dollars on political contributions and lobbying in Washington.

In a highly successful two-part power play, the wireless industry caused Congress to strip both state and local governments and citizens, of any power to challenge the installation of Cell Towers or Cell Antennas based upon adverse health effects, via the adoption of the Telecomunications Act of 1996.

Then, much to their delight, they were able to induce their friends at the FCC to adopt RF standards which permit RF emissions at levels as much as 5,000 times higher than the maximum levels deemed safe by other Countries.
"The Fallout of the Telecommunications Act of 1996"
Common Cause Education Fund
Holding Power Accountable
Below is a report which details the amounts paid by the largest telecommunications companies for political contributions and lobbying monies in Washington.

It further details how, during the same period, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 has been used to help the wireless industry, to the detriment of the American public.
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