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BRAG Report recommends that schools, school districts, municipalities and states call upon the FCC for a ruling that requires Cell Towers be setback at least 1500 away from schools.
 Business Wire April 26, 2010

Faced with scientific evidence of a link between RF emissions and childhood leukemia, Countries other than the United States have banned or are in the process of banning, the installation of Cell Towers within 1500 feet from schools.

In stark contrast, the U.S. government has not only refused to entertain similar restrictions, but has, instead, been engaged in ongoing efforts to empower the wireless industry to install Cell Towers and Cell Antennas virtually anywhere they desire, including atop public schools, with virtually no government oversight or regulation [See Gov't Related Info Links].

Across the U.S., State Officials, School Districts, School Boards and PTA's are bucking the federal government, and a movement to exert pressure upon Congress to change the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is underway.

The success of such movement will depend upon whether enough citizens can organize and thereby exert enough pressure to outweigh the lobbying efforts of the
$60 billion-dollar-per-year wireless industry.
Connecticut House of Representatives passes bill to restrict the installation of Cell Towers within 750 feet of a School,
by a vote of 139-0 - Bill now heads to the Senate.
Wednesday April, 28, 2010 - Video
Video addressing how the
FCC has failed to protect
school children
Cell Tower Radiation
Pollution Part 2
Los Angeles Board of Education Votes
to Prohibit Cell Towers Near Schools
"There is growing evidence that the radiation they emit,
even at low levels, is dangerous to human health"
Press Release