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Three scientists who work for the California Department of Health Services were directed to study whether EMF's were associated with health problems. The three scientists unanimously concluded that the likelihood of a casual relationship between EMFs and childhood leukemia is ninety five (95%) percent.
The California Study 2002
"Executive Study of The California EMF Risk Evaluation for Policymakers and The Public"
The French Study 2002
"Study of the health of people living in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations" (Cell Towers)
Study examined adverse health impacts of people living in close proximity to Cell Towers and any disparity of such impact on females as compared to males. Based upon adverse affects reported, conclusion was that Cell Towers should not be constructed less than 300 meters from populations.
R. Santini, P. Santini, J.M. Danze, P. Le Ruz, M. Seige - Institute national des sciences appliquees - laboratoire de biochimie-pharmacologie
It must be noted that the expert studies described herein are nothing more than a sampling of the evidence compiled by experts around the world. For a more comprehensive listing, or to learn about specific illnesses caused by RF emissions or EMFs, See the Marin Project below, which contains a list of 600 specific studies.
The Swedish Study 2007
"Cognitive Impairment in Rats After Long Term Exposure to GSM-900 Mobile Phone Radiation"
Five scientists from the Rausing Laboratory and University Hospital conducted a study within which they determined that rats exposed to RF emissions for 55 weeks suffered "impaired memory functions."
Henrietta Nittby, Gustav Grafstrom, Dong Ping Tian, Lars Malmgren,
Arne Brun, Bertil R.R. Persson, Leif G. Salford, Jacob Eberhardt
"The Marin Project"
The Marin Project
List of Studies
The Marin Project lists six (600) hundred studies which link low level RF/MW radiation and EMF's with cancer and other adverse health impacts.
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