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There are many groups across the Country, and around the globe, entrenched in
a similar battle, or seeking the same information. Below is a list of links which you may find informative. You will also find them useful if you are looking to network
with others who are joined in the fight.
Cancer & Leukemia
News Links
Links to video, news articles and other records of cancer and leukemia clusters around Cell Towers.
Government Related Information & Links
Information Links
Community Links
School News Links
Expert Studies
Expert studies from the around the world, regarding the adverse health impacts of RF emissions, including those from Cell Towers.
News of governments, other than the United States, banning Cell Towers near Schools,
and U.S. School Districts and PTAs bucking the U.S. Government by opposing them as well.
Links to websites of individual communities whose members have joined together to fight the irresponsible placement of Cell Towers in their community.
Links to websites providing information about the adverse health impacts of RF emissions.
Links & information reflecting the federal government's ongoing efforts to strip local governments and citizens of any power to defeat or even slow down, the installation of thousands of Cell Antennas, with virtually no government oversight or regulation.
If you are an individual or a member of a group seeking to oppose the
installation of a cell tower near your home or a school, or you want to learn
more about the adverse health effects caused by cell towers, you are not alone.

Cell Tower Related Links